Why you shouldn’t miss the series “When They See Us”

I feel like I am losing the direction of this blog, but the main purpose of it is for me to improve my writing, put into practise my passion and see where this ends. Another objective is to share some tips for enjoying life at the fullest, which I am so keen about.
I rarely watch series, I get bored quite easily and I don’t want to follow all the episodes to the end. But “When They See Us” , now on Netflix was an exception for me. I stumbled upon it from a post on Instagram by Trevor Noah, who I really like following. One night, tired after a full day of working and studying I put it.

I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen.

The series is set in the Harlem of 1989

When they See Us, is a gem. It touches you deep into your heart, makes you sympathize with the boys whose story you are following and sink at the injustices of our law system. It is a wonderful mini-series, that according to me, everyone should watch. It would challenge your views, make you cry, think, reflect. If you are like me and like stuff that leaves you with something after you consumed it (a book, an article, a movie), this series is for you.

The plot concerns the “Central Park Case”, the homicide and rape of a young woman for which 5 young boys (14-16 years old) were accused. You’ll follow their stories so closely, you’ll feel like you know them.

Central Park, New York

Even if there’s already a lot of talking about fake news, it never hits you until it’s about you. With this series, you’ll see the power of the media, of the government, with your eyes and hopefully, you’ll start thinking twice before buying what the media say. For whoever says that we don’t have problems with injustice anymore, please think about how gender, skin colour, any disabilities, the way you look, are still looked upon, even today.

I recommend this series to everyone, I cannot stress this enough. It impacted me so much, that I wish the same feeling to be felt by more people. Watch it and take the lessons in!

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