How to Stay Healthy and Fit While Travelling

I am a fan of keeping healthy, fit and happy. I feel like excercise has a great impact over my mind-set, my mood and my performance at work or when I study. I’ve been used to play sports and keep active since I was little, so excercising has become part of me. Without it, I feel lost.

Travelling, moving to different places, the busy life of working and studying makes it a bit hard to keep a regular routine. My motivation, however, pushed me to find ways to comply to my body’s requests: whether it is in a hotel room, in a gym or just outside, I always try to fit in my workout session. Here are some of my suggestions for you to keep exercising while travelling. By the way, I wrote a similar article for the blog Twisted Fitness, which you can find here.


I just love running!

Running works wonders with me. I really like the feeling, the endorphine kick I get, the improvement on my mood, the focus… everything about running makes me feel good. I run 6 days a week, only because I know that my joints should rest! I know how hard it can be for some people to get started or find motivation on a regular basis, I personally deal with it by being regular (every day more or less at the same time), so regular that is part of my routine, like showering. Additionally, I follow some Podcasts while running, which make me want to hear the rest during the next session. By doing that I keep the motivation going. Running gives you many benefits and the only thing you really need is a pair of running shoes! It is such a good activity to do while travelling because it takes you about 30 minutes, gives you a good workout and it can be done everywhere!

Home Workouts

You don’t necessarily need equipment for home workouts, be creative!

This one made me feel so uncomfortable. I am mainly sharing houses or apartments with other people when I am travelling or studying (obviously I have a restricted budget). Sometimes, putting music on and start jumping, squatting or sweating in your room, knowing that people inside the house will hear you is not the best. If you get over that, working out at home can be very fun and you’ll definitely see results. You don’t need equipment, just be creative! Use water bottles for extra weight, chairs as benches or step, you name it. What I recommend is to plan for it, set a clock so you know how much you will take, knowing the exercises you will perform in advance (there are many online sources for it) and challenge yourself by always improving or making it harder. Doing so, you’ll be motivated to get better, and results will come quicker.


Walking can be done literally everywhere: don’t take the bus or the metro and walk instead!

Walking is another very flexible activity that can be done while travelling, without any hassle. Instead of taking the bus, the metro or a taxi try to walk instead! It will take you longer, but you’ll experience the place you are in, and do some exercise at the same time! Walking it is a pretty much-underrated activity that is very beneficial to your health. If done at a regular pace it is very good on your heart and if not as harsh on your joints as running.

Workout in open space

Working out in parks or at the beach, in the courtyard of your hostel are also good options. Stick with a plan and put it into practice, use your friends the water bottles to add weight, benches and here you go, another workout in just 30 minutes!

If you can, Swim

Swimming is also great when you are travelling, just find a beach or a pool!

Swimming is another activity that, if you have the chance, really boosts your mood and makes a good cardio session. It can be so much fun, and again usually it only takes about 30 minutes.

So, are you still thinking that you can’t stay fit because you are travelling? Stop finding excuses and start moving!

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