Why this blog?

I have always had a passion for writing and reading. I took a completely different path during my studies (Engineering) and could not help but feel that my dream was something different. I realized that things can be changed and that if you really like something, you just have to "stretch the hand and get it". Well, this blog is my way to do so, to share my experiences, to grow and for myself to learn to appreciate the little things sometimes I forget to care about. It is also how I can share some travel tips, recommendations, and some "Perle di saggezza", as we say in Italy referring to thoughts full of wisdom. Yes, maybe I do not hold that much wisdom, but experience in terms of traveling, quite a bit, and trust me I have learned so much along the way. I wish you will take something out of it too.


My Story

I have never lived a really stable life. The result of the combination of two very different cultures, I have grown in a family of contrasts. Italy and Russia, two countries that have very little in common. The multiculturalism that characterized my childhood, the opportunity to travel with my family, ignited in me an adventurous spirit that pushed me to leave my country at the age of 16. That was my springboard. From there I have never stopped traveling, studying abroad and living in different countries. And I will not stop for a long while I guess.